Huggies Dry Taped Diapers Large Size - 30 Pieces

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A baby’s skin is like a feather, soft and delicate. It deserves special care and comfort. Huggies diapers are made to provide your baby’s gentle skin with the protection and comfort it needs. Huggies diapers come in 4 different variants for babies of all sizes that keep your baby dry, rash-free, healthy and are comfortable to use.

Huggies Dry Diaper:
Huggies Dry diapers don’t just keep your baby’s bottom dry, but also keep them healthier. They are designed with an Air fresh cover, double leak barriers and leakage protection of the quick lock system.

Key Features:

  • Air fresh cover that keeps the skin fresh by allowing free flow of fresh air.
  • Quick Lock System to help stop leaks.
  • Blue Speed Dry Layer to soak the wetness instantly
  • Clinically Proven to prevent diaper rash

**Highly breathable diapers were found to be more effective in preventing diaper rash than non-breathable diapers, based on a clinical study done in US - (Akin et al Pediatric Dermatology 2001)

How To Use:

  •  Step 1: Stretch the diaper to open the leg guards properly.
  • Step 2: Hold the diaper firmly with one hand and apply the side tapes one by one.
  • Step 3: Re-adjust the tapes if they are too loose or too tight


  • Brand - Huggies
  • Type - Dry Diapers
  • Size - Large
  • No Of Pieces - 30
  • Recommended Age - 9 to 24 Months

Items included in the Package:
Huggies Dry Diapers

Find The Right Size
The right sized diaper makes a world of difference. Pick the size according to your baby’s weight.

Small - Up to 7 Kg
Medium - 5 to 11 Kg
Large - 8 to 14 Kg
XL - Over 12 Kg

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